The PennDot Drivers License Medical ingemination

The PennDot Drivers License Medical ingemination

In Pennsylvania, when a person is examined by a doctor and diagnosed with a disorder or disability that renders that person incompetent to function a motor means, that doctor must notify PennDot within then (10) days of the examination. shared ailments that render a person incompetent to function a motor means in Pennsylvania are: seizures, poor eye sight, and drug or alcohol addiction. When PennDot receives that notice from the doctor they then send out a notice to the driver advising them that their drivers license is being recalled due to their condition. In the plainest terms, they are telling you they think you are too sick or infirm to excursion a car – so they are not going to let you. Now what to do?

Once a driver gets the ingemination notice, they have thirty (30) days to popularity PennDots decision. There is a problem here – the driver does not get to keep their license pending their popularity unless the driver submit, and pass, a PennDot medical examination (and who wants to do that?) or produce independent competent medical evidence, usually from a doctor of their own choosing, that can convince a estimate the driver is not so much of a danger as not let let the driver keep their license until the popularity is heard. This in itself can can require some pretty fancy footwork by the lawyer that the driver has hopefully retained to keep his license. Which begs the question – What does the lawyer do for the client in a case like this?

Firstly, the lawyer must make sure that the client may keep his license pending his popularity as mentioned above. Next, the lawyer must keep PennDot from taking it at all. This issue very often falls into the lap of a Court of shared Pleas estimate. This is because, at some point, the driver will have a court hearing on whether this alleged medical condition actual does disqualify the client from driving safely. Here, the Pa. medical license ingemination attorneys job is to: cross examine PennDots medical evidence AND present the clients own evidence, from his own expert medical specialized, and persuade the estimate that Penndot has not carried their burden of showing that he client suffers from a medical condition that renders them incompetent to function a car. If the lawyer is successful, he has earned his money and the client goes home with his drivers license. Good stuff.

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