The Tesla form S – The Spark in Electric Cars

The Tesla form S – The Spark in Electric Cars

Why is it that most electric cars look like they’ve been designed by five year olds? The Gee Wiz, the Nice MyCar, the Sakura Maranello 4, all cars that would, without the assistance of CGI, fit quite comfortably into the next Pixar Cars Movie. Why? When electric car designers roll up their sleeves and sit in front of a drawing board, do they suddenly regress to an age where trees look like lollipops and sheep bear a remarkable resemblance to the clouds above them. Funky, inventive, ground breaking designs that are hardly ever functional. That was until the set afloat of the Tesla form S.

Now many people will point to the Tesla Roadster. That doesn’t look like it’s been designed by a child. And no it was wasn’t, it was designed with help from Lotus. A beautiful looking car without a doubt, but hardly functional. In fact rumours abound over the internet that Governor Schwarzenegger – one time android and complete time green warrior – would like to return his roadster as he has difficulty fitting in it.


So why is the form S any different? Put simply, it looks fantastic and it is extremely functional. Designed by former Mazda man Franz Von Holzhausen, the form S would look just as at home on the streets of London as it would in the Hollywood Hills. Drawing inspiration no doubt from the likes of Jaguar and BMW, The form S has distinctly European looks and will allurement to a worldwide market, which is more than can be said for many other “normal” American cars.


With a price tag of just under $50,000 after a $7,500 tax rebate the form S may look slightly expensive, but if this price is achievable it will only be $4,000 more than a BMW 5 Series 528i, certainly not a price that could prove prohibitive. So what do you get for your hard earned cash? The base form will come equipped with a battery pack with a 160 mile range, add more cells and a range of 230 miles can be achieved, move up to the high capacity battery pack and the Tesla form S will offer a range up to 300 miles. Tesla have also announced plans to allow owners of base models the ability to rent higher capacity battery packs when they need to make longer journeys, although it is not however that clear how long it will take to change batteries. Charging time could be as little as 45 minutes on a fast charge, although a complete charge is more likely to be in the vicinity of four hours, making overnight charging the best option.


With regard to performance the form S will certainly be no slouch, naught to sixty times are expected to be under six seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 130 mph. A sport form slated to be released in the second year of production is expected to trim another second off the 0 – 60 time.


It’s not just technology that produces strength for the car, a video screen in the centre console that is effectively a small computer with 3G internet access – a computer that Tesla can access with your permission to diagnose any problems – controls the cars systems including sat nav , audio, air con plus many other features and it’s a touch screen too.


With seating for up to seven, the Tesla form S shows what can be achieved when the right people get together, hopefully Tesla will get adequate funding from the American government to push this technology by, before they use it all on Chevy Volt – a car that certainly won’t sell worldwide.

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