The Ultimate Forerunner

As the plot thickens in Game of Thrones season after season I surprise who the eventual victor will be. While there seemed to be obvious winners when I first started watching the series, they didn’t turn out to be the victors. If anything they were unexpectedly slain never to return to the series again. That is part of the intrigue as it keeps me wondering what unexpected thing will happen again.

Back in the workplace it is just as interesting to watch what makes the ultimate winner stand ahead of the rest? We have the high flyers who move fast and the slow and steady performers who gain momentum as they step deeper into their identity.

We are time poor today as life hastens past us. Some of us keep up and others struggle with difficulty. Those who are not in sync fall behind and the rate of suicide heightens.

People are unable to cope with the stress of life, the speed with which things are coming at us. As efficient as I am, crossing out ten items on my to-do list only brings on a continuous stream of a further ten things I need to attend to. The stress of completing my responsibilities piles up again.

I am aware that I need to pay attention to my mind-body-spirit connection. Am I in sync when I feel stressed? What aspect have I not attended to? Most often when I feel I am overloaded in my mind, I drop everything I am doing, put my runners on and go down to the gym for a run on the treadmill. For me, it’s the quickest way to get out of my mind into my body. “Re-align, re-align” I tell myself or I will be moving towards dis-ease with myself.

I am aware that diet, exercise, sleep and rest are but some things I can do to look after my physical body. Music, mind games and self-development programs help me understand my mind better. Prayer, yoga and meditation re-balance me on the spiritual plane. One plane being connected to the other, I know I need to strike a delicate balance in all three.

A person’s physical space is a reflection of their mental plane. When I walk into a person’s home or office, the state of what I encounter gives me insight into what’s happening in their mind. If it is a cluttered workspace there is a high probability that the mind is cluttered too. How do you think with clarity if your internal world is filled with cobwebs?

The ultimate forerunner thinks with agility and clarity because they have cleared the cobwebs from their internal and external worlds. By this I average the negative emotions that are formed from past experience have been cleared. Both worlds are aligned and in sync so creativity and tapping into the inner resources of the wellspring within you is possible.

In the opposite case when negative emotions are present and nevertheless actively ruling the person, there is a strong chance that the mind-body connection is yielding some build up to dis-ease.

Cleaning out the cobwebs in your mind towards re-alignment is basic to your success and already more so to stay ahead of the game.

Once the cobwebs are cleared from the past it is just as important to see the future. Forerunners have a knack for calling the future and almost like in a game of poker, betting on the scenario. They are able to see the future clearly as they are deeply connected to their internal self, which runs on intuition.

We can only tap into our intuition if we have cleansed our mind-body-spirit on various levels. Intuition comes by our body. I feel an earthquake in my chest when a message is coming in. It could be that I am merely in conversation with someone but I need to pay attention to the message.

Alternatively when I am in danger I feel a knot in my tummy. I know it is a sign to leave the place I am in. My body is tuned in to direct me to what I need to pay attention to. I do not question these intuitive feelings anymore. I just act on them closest.

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