The Urgent Need for Sea Survival Training With Sertifikasi BNSP in Ind…


As one of the biggest oil and gas producer in the world (No. 22 with 833,667 barrel per day according to Wikipedia), Indonesia has one of the biggest number of workers in the oil and gas sector. Indonesian Ministry of energy and mineral resources mentioned that in 2013 there were 288.442 number of oil and gas workers all over Indonesia. For the past 4 years, the number increased drastically.

Meanwhile the same data from 2015 cited that the workers at the upstream are at 31.742 workers all over Indonesia. This numbers arise from 2006 data that mention 21.835 people works in the upstream.

Mr. Amien Sunaryadi, Head of SKK Migas while covered by mentioned that in the last 10 years, the number of Indonesian workers in the upstream oil and gas industry has increased in line with the increase in operational activities carried out by PSC Contractors. In contrast, the number of foreign workers working in this industry is less likely to increase despite many large projects underway.

This many people who went offshore, need sea survival training.

About Sea Survival Training

For offshore workers, sea survival training is mandatory for the workers who want to work in the offshore areas. It is part of the mandatory offshore workers training required by every oil and gas company and their contractors and subcontractors.

According to, Every job that requires its workers to use specific time in a specific out-of-comfort area makes it necessary for the workers to undergo several tests and courses. These courses are done to make sure that the workers are able to adapt to the newer circumstances. When it comes to working in the offshore areas, an offshore survival course is mandatory for the workers who want to work in the offshore areas.

Offshore areas, in simple terms, average the high seas and the thorough oceanic areas. Working conditions in these areas are hazardous because of the weather conditions like frequent storms and gales, ever-changing currents and tides and the dangerous marine ecosystem for human beings. Additionally, since working in offshore areas method working exclusively on oil drilling course of action and on oil rigs, it becomes doubly applicable that the workers undergo offshore survival course and offshore survival training.

If proper survival training courses are not experienced by the workers then not only they would be in a loss because of the without of adaptation but also the oil drilling company would have to change workers very often leading to a loss in both human resources in addition as financial investment.

The validity of such offshore survival training is up to a period of four years after which workers have to give such certification again. It needs to be noted that the fees for such an offshore survival course depends on the course and the company from which a person takes the course. However, the fees are not that expensive and the training period is anywhere between three to four days.

With so many training and courses provided for the safety and well-being of the workers, it can be said that offshore oil drilling’s dangers are quite reduced because of the awareness and knowledge that is being produced.

So yes, just like other countries, Indonesian offshore workers are required to take sea survival training before they go offshore.

About Sertifikat BNSP / BNSP certificate

BNSP certification is a competency certification issued by the state by BNSP.

BNSP is an independent institution in the form of government based on Law Number 13 Year 2003 on Manpower. The Agency works to ensure the quality of competence and employment recognition in all sectors of the specialized field in Indonesia by the certification course of action.

BNSP also has done some Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with another ASEAN Countries. These MRAs will ensure the BNSP certificate is permissible in other ASEAN Country in addition.

BNSP certificate will aid Indonesian Upstream Oil and Gas workers to be more competitive in ASEAN market. They will also have more opportunities in nearby countries.

This method, the needs of Sea Survival Sertifikasi BNSP is almost culminated to be the necessity.


Hopefully there will be a SKKNI (Standar Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia) for sea survival in the field of Oil and Gas with BNSP certificate (Sea Survival Sertifikasi BNSP) soon. Hopefully many competent people will move to make Indonesia better.

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