Tire Pressure Alert – Winter is Near

Tire Pressure Alert – Winter is Near

As winter approaches, means owners must be reminded of the proper way of maintaining tire pressure. Hence, The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers will be launching Tire Pressure Safety Campaign for said purpose.

“Cooler fall temperatures are here and the holiday driving season is around the corner. Our goal is to urge the driving public to check their means’s tire pressure at the minimum once a month and before going on long driving trips,” said Fred Webber, President and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Webber further explained, “Vehicles are being equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and we want to educate the driving public about what these new signs average in their vehicles and why maintaining proper tire pressure is important.”

The importance of maintaining correct tire pressure cannot be overstated. Maintaining it helps optimize fuel economy and tire performance. In fact, correct tire pressure contributes tire comfort, performance and durability. In situations of deflection, properly maintained tires will keep in superb condition. additionally, it will also preclude excessive tread squirm and sidewall flexing. Right tire pressure stabilizes tire’s structure. Aside from that, it also enhances responsiveness, handling and traction of the tires. additionally, when the vehicles tire pressure is under inflated, it can put the lives of the passengers at risk. It compromises both safety and fuel-efficiency.

One of the important external factors of tire pressure is temperature change. In fact, for every 10-degree change in temperature, a tire can lose approximately one pound per square inch (PSI).

“Maintaining proper tire pressure is something that many people may neglect, but is vital for the safety and fuel efficiency of the means,” said Nicole Nason, National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA) Administrator. “All of us can take simple everyday steps to enhance automobile safety and NHTSA urges everyone to remember to check their tire pressure.”

Safety is the focal reason why tire pressure must be checked regularly. Under inflated tires causes accidents due to skidding, hydroplaning, loss of control and the like. Another reason for maintaining it right is fuel-efficiency. The latter is lowered by 1 percent for every 3-PSI under inflation. Hence, a correctly inflated tire equates to 1 free tank each year.

According to Webber, all new vehicles will be equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring signs (TPMS) by 2008. additionally, expect BMW parts in addition as those of Mazda, Toyota, Volkswagen and the rest of the members of the alliance to incorporate the device soon.

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