Tony Robbins – Personal strength II – Day 4 – Neuro-Associative Conditioning

Tony Robbins – Personal strength II – Day 4 – Neuro-Associative Conditioning

Day 4 – Review and summary

nevertheless working on the basic principles of changing one’s life. In order to do that, we must change our neuro-associations of how our nervous system and emotions respond to events. To do THAT, there are three things that need deciding:

1. Get leverage on yourself. There are three levels of decision necessary to fulfill this part. Remember that when you “decide” something, you are at the point of cutting off any other option. This first step is probably the one that carries the most weight. If you are not THAT committed to changing, it probably won’t work.

A. Something MUST change.

B. I must change it.

C. I can change it.

2. Interrupt your patterns of associations you have currently. If you use a conscious drastic change with what you say or how you move, it will help scramble the old feeling and thinking pattern. The example of scratching a record surface continuously so it doesn’t play anymore helped put a visual with the time of action.

3 Don’t just get rid of the old, you must also condition a new, empowering association. Decide on a new pattern you’d like to reinforce and condition in yourself. Any thought, behavior or emotion consistently strengthened over time, will become a habit. Make sure you link pleasure to your new choice.If you reward yourself for already small changes, you’ll find new patterns developing rather quickly.

For the assignment for today, build on the list of four actions from yesterday. Just look up for Day 3 on this site or my blog, link shown below.

1.) For getting leverage: Write down ten reasons why you must change now and the reasons why you know you can do it. Someone made the observation recently that in 5 years, I will have arrived. Where that arrival will be, is up to me.

Did you know that most people use far more time planning their yearly vacation than they do planning their life? I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve been there. Perhaps knowing the vacation time is very limited and you want to make the most of it… How does that relate to the bigger picture of our lives? Guess if I look at my life as a GIANT vacation, however knowing my time here is very limited, wouldn’t that make a difference in how I plan? I think so!

2). If you can, design at the minimum four or five ways to interrupt your own pattern. Try funny voices work, jumping jacks, looking at the ceiling, making funny faces: basically anything that changes physiology or shifts attention in a more empowering direction.

3). Rehearse your new behavior and this will help condition yourself. By getting to choose what we are going towards, we’re really UN-Conditioning ourselves (we are already conditioned) from what we don’t want and then consciously reconditioning ourselves to create the new habits that we want. How groovy is that?

So, what would happen if we looked at life as something very finite? Would there be a assistance to not taking our time for granted? What would that look like? Until tomorrow –


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