Top 8 Features to Look for In an Emergency Water Purifier

Top 8 Features to Look for In an Emergency Water Purifier

A healthy source of drinking water is the single most important item to have on hand in the likely event of an emergency or disaster, second only to breathable air. Food, of course, would be second on the most needed items in natural or human-made disasters or emergency. In most situations, after a disastrous event, the stores quickly empty out of the most crucial items such as water and food, next would be generators, flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, propane, cook stoves, etc.

Water is always the first to go. Not just from the shelves in the grocery stores and convenience stores but along with the electric and gas utilities, water is also turned off. When the water stops flowing from your tap, and you were not able to find any in the stores, what is your plan? In an extended crisis of weeks or already months, neighbors will be draining supplies like swimming pools, spas, and water features. They will be knocking down character fences and gates to get at it hauling away buckets at a time and drained in days for sure. Now what?

Martial Law and curfews will ultimately be enforced, resulting from wide spread riots and looting, starting first in the cities and then slowly migrating to the suburbs and then into the rural areas. Gangs and small marauding bands of thugs will start taking what ever they need or want, more than likely at gun point. You can quickly start to see you should have planned for such a time as this.

My purpose of writing this article is to alert and warn you that everyone who wants to survive a major crisis or disaster needs to stock, water, food, and protection. Protection? What am I saying? Ill be blunt, and straight forward, only those that have planned will survive. Are you a pacifist or a Christian zealot? Are you willing to stand by and watch a female member of your family raped and murdered? Get a gun and learn how to use it! That said, lets move on.

If the neighborhood is on fire, burning from house to house, you need to bug out. Do you have a bug-out plan in place or are you going to jump in your car and head for the nearest grid-lock? What about buckets of beans and rice, wood burning camp stove and cooking utensils. Water? You can only carry so much, and water weights 6-lbs per gallon. What you need is a way to purify any polluted water source using any heat source. Cant I just use a filter? If you did your homework in improvement, you would know that the American Red Cross, FEMA, Homeland Security and the CDC all recommend a non-electric water distiller, and strongly warn against any kind filter in an emergency or disaster. Why a non-electric distiller? First, you will not likely have electricity. Second, they recommend boiling water to kill disease germs, bacteria, viruses, cysts and waterborne diseases. Distillers do just that! Plus all non-electric distillers can use any heat source, electric or gas stove, propane stove, barbeque grill, charcoal, camp stove or already a camp fire. There are only four or five non-electric survivor stills obtainable.

Eight features to look for in a non-electric survivor nevertheless

1. Determine the quantity of water it will purify per day. The production of distilled water from the obtainable non-electric water distillers varies from 8 gallons per day to 18+. ( Take care you pick a form that will supply your familys needs.)

2. Choose a survivor nevertheless based upon the gauge of the stainless steel boiling pot and the one with the sturdiest construction and heavy-duty materials and elements. Especially since yours and your families lives will be depending on its performance under the roughest circumstances and conditions.

3. Most non-electric distillers are a harsh scalding danger capable of causing 3rd-degree burns. A child can quickly pull the boiling pot onto themselves in addition as an adult. That is the last thing you need is a life-threatening injury during a disaster when hospitals may not be easy to reach for burn treatments. Pick a survivor nevertheless that uses a condenser cooling system and has the boiler break-latched to the condenser preventing accidental scald injuries and the condenser water always remains at room temperature also preventing scald accidents.

4. Pick a survivor nevertheless that is automatic, so there is no need to manually add water to the boiler or continually dump and replace the condenser water as needed with some units. It is monotonous and dangerous work handling the boiling pot and condenser. Most models require the condenser water to be dumped and replaced with cooler water for the nevertheless to function and if not replaced regularly, the condenser water can reach temperatures of 140- 150 F hot enough to cause third degree burns with just 2 seconds of skin contact. One survivor nevertheless form uses a 9-volt pump 5-watt solar panel with battery back-up to keep the condenser cool at all times, rain or shine, day or night and also automatically adds water to the boiling pot as needed.

5. Pick a survivor nevertheless that does not need to be level to function as some models do. If you are in an outdoor camping situation and require a campfire as your heat source, you cannot be worrying about whether the survivor nevertheless is perfectly level or not as some brands need.

6. Some models do not have a closed system to prevent outside contamination from the air or debris from a fire. Pick a survivor nevertheless that is completely enclosed from the boiler by the cooling coils and the post filter and into a closed collection container. You will never need to worry the distilled water will ever get polluted in the distillation course of action.

7. Choose a survivor nevertheless that can easily be packed up and transported with ease, in the event you need to bug out fast. You do not want to be dealing with a bulky boiling and condenser pot, especially if youre on foot!

8. The greatest amount of distilled water is produced using a stainless steel cooling wire inside a condenser complete of cool water. For this reason, avoid models that utilize pots of cool water and use the bottom to condense the steam. In this method, the steam is unprotected to contamination from the air and the lower surface of the pot. Pick a form with a cooling wire suspended in a condenser of cool water, the steam contained inside the wire, is protected from outside contamination. This method also produces three times more distilled water. That characterize accounts for the greater cost of a non-electric survivor nevertheless with a stainless steel cooling wire and automatic features. The quality of the automatic form, the high quantity of pure water and ease of unattended operation and the peace of mind knowing it cannot scald anyone justifies the increased cost. This form also comes in a 7-gallon bucket with a screw on Gamma Lid which houses all parts and has a manager for easy transport.

Which ever form or brand you choose, you will know that in spite of of the source of water you will be able to turn it into healthy pure drinking water in any emergency or disaster.

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