Twisty – complete Buildbox Game

Twisty - Full Buildbox Game


!!! Special Price !!!

Twisty is an awesome endless hyper casual game, with easy one touch controls.
You need to collect points and avoid obstacles by switching the direction of both twisties.

❖ beautifully design effects
❖ challenging game
❖ easy one touch controls
❖ how far can you go?

How to play:
❖ tap on the screen to switch the direction of both twisties
❖ avoid all obstacles and collect as many points as you can

Game Bundles:
if you want to buy several games from us, pm us and tell us which games you need. we will create a bundle and make a good price for you.


❖ complete Game (Included Buildbox-File, Android- and IOS-Code)!
❖ AdMob Banner + Chartboost Interstitial
❖ Universal game resolution (Phone / Tablet)
❖ rare Gameplay and Sound Effects
❖ Endless Game

you will get this files:
❖ The complete Buildbox-Projectfile (BBDOC FILE)
❖ Android Source Code
❖ iOS Source Code
❖ including all Images (png Files)
❖ including all Sound (mp3 Files)
❖ easy step by step Documentation (pdf File)


❖ You can use the graphics for free
❖ You can use the music and sound effects for free


❖ Buildbox 2 (2.2.9 or Above)
❖ XCode / Eclipse ADT Or Android Studio
❖ Java JRE 7 or above


Simply replace all of the provided images with art of your choosing, making sure that the dimensions of the artwork stay the same. You can easy reskin the game with the BuildBox 2 software.
The attached documentation with your buy walks you by the reskinning and publishing course of action, easy step by step (with pictures).

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