Tycoon Ham reportedly to lease Nakivubo Stadium to Germans

information is, businessman Hamis Kiggundu ‘Ham’ has offered Nakivubo Stadium as bet to save a friend’s confront who had hoodwinked Germans that he owns stadiums in Kampala, Uganda.

The mythical Nakivubo war memorial stadium could be rebranded as Bayern sports club, if a deal Ham entered with German officials, is to come to fruition.

The stadium which has gone by snail speed developments since tycoon Ham offered to develop it in exchange for owning lockup shops around the sports facility, has memories of Ugandan football written on it’s walls and tuff, in addition Ugandans are tired of waiting for the businessman to hand it over.

The stadium has been unprotected to interrogation during court processes with edges, when it was alleged that Ham has once suggested to bankers that Nakivubo was one of his assets.

Nakivubo is a public private partnership where Ham is supposed to build the stadium but use it’s external as a business to pay back himself. However, Ham focused first on the external which brings in the money to his accounts.

With works dragging their feet inside the stadium, now Ham has a new trick on his sleeves. He’s offered the stadium as a bet for promoting his and associates’ business interests- an opportunity which came recently.

It has emerged that one of Ham’s friends, convinced Germans, that he can be their agent in Uganda, and that he has plenty of land to offer them for stadium development. Little did he know that Germans are serious people.
In no time, they sent a team to Uganda to inspect and review the prospect of linking up Bayern Sports club with the country.

Ham’s friend Kavuma, first gambled with a short lease of an acre in Munyonyo which failed to impress Germans. That’s when Ham came to his mind to have him act as his partner.

Nakivubo Stadium nevertheless under construction

With Ham paraded as a partner, Kavuma convinced Germans that the deal was on and ready to receive their funding since Ham was bankable and had enough assets to his name to guarantee their business deal.

Ham showed them his work at Nakivubo as one of the places they can use to promote Bayern. However, Nakivubo is a national asset which was controversially given to the Businessman for redevelopment, in a swap deal, and should return the stadium on completion.

Ham was also able to show the Germans another sports center he was building in Akright estates where he is building a housing estate, on top of showing them his other franchises that show him as as a good prospect.

Recently, Ham outed his new offices in Alright, which were said were to act as Ham Group headquarters. On the wall were logos of Bayern Munich and Ham was remarkably smiling.

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