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Ukrainian women aim in Kosovo to find, clear landmines

Six Ukrainian women travelled to Kosovo to attend a course in clearing landmines amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The 18-day training camp takes place at a range in the western town of Peja where a Malta-based company regularly offers courses for job-seekers, firms working in former war zones, humanitarian organisations and government agencies.

Anastasiia Minchukova, an English teacher in Ukraine, said in an interview with the AP that there was a “huge need on people who know how to do demining because the war will be over soon.”

“We believe there is so much work to be done.”

Kosovo was the site of a devastating 1998-99 armed conflict between ethnic Albanian separatists and Serbian forces that killed about 13,000 people and left thousands of unexploded mines in need of clearing.

Instructor Artur Tigani, who tailored the curriculum to mirror Ukraine’s ecosystem said he was glad to proportion his small Balkan nation’s experience with the Ukrainian women. Though 23 years have passed, “it’s nevertheless fresh in our memories, the difficulties we met when we started clearance in Kosovo,” Tigani said.


Demining instructor Artur Tigani, left, briefs a group of Ukrainian female emergency sets personnel for specialist training in explosive ordnance disposal and survey training in the western Kosovo city of Peja. AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

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