Vertical Workouts – How to Avoid Groin Pain

Groin pain is the worst and you are going to want to do some tweaking and additions if you’re going to put this problem in the can.

If you want to retrieve from this quickly, then LEAVE IT ALONE! It’s most likely not serious; maybe a small strain or tear. Don’t stretch it. This is the mistake that most people make because stretching the affected area just prolongs the pain and worsens the condition. Putting ice on it, massaging it, resting, and elevating your legs will help you retrieve faster than stretching it will. Think RICE: Rest Ice Compression Elevation

As soon as you can exercise without any discomfort, here are a few tweaks you should make.

Light Rehab

1. Get an elastic band. Put it around one foot and pull it in and out. Repeat on the other leg. Do this exercise every 2-3 days. This is called “adduction.”

2. While lying on your back, squeeze a pillow or a large exercise ball between your legs.


1. Do some wide leg stance box squats-the wider you go, the more you activate the adductors.

2. Wide leg dead lifts (same as above).

3. Put a plate on the ground and drag it inwards toward your body. Progress with heavier weights.

The stronger you become, the more your groin needs to be able to sustain you.

A little more advice about groin recovery

The advice that I have provided above should be a long-term solution for groin injuries.

Whenever you exercise, you may want to think about wrapping the groin area, or wearing a pair of tight-fitting squatting shorts to keep the area arm and to prevent inflammation. Using an ice wrap is great for post-workout.

You can also massage the area with foam rollers every morning. If you don’t have foam rollers, you can massage the adductor muscles while taking a shower and use a little soap. Apply pressure with the fingers and little by little increase the pressure you are using. The massage helps eliminate the cause points in the muscle that could rule to more injury.

You can also take an inflammatory such as ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) to help relieve pain and prevent further damage.

But most importantly, make sure you warm up before exercising. Failure to warm up puts your groin area at risk for injury. Not only should you stretch the groin,but you should also stretch your abductors on a regular basis. You can do this by simply hugging your knee to your chest, which is an excellent stretch for the abductors.

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