Warning! The 1 Question Never to Ask a Psychic (This Won’t Make Them H…

Let’s talk a little bit about the kind of questions you should NEVER ask a psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive or medium. Want to know why? It amazes me how many people who enjoy our articles and comment on our content will tell us some of the completely INAPPROPRIATE questions they’ll ask during a reading….and then sometimes, NOT understand why the reader get’s upset.


There are a bunch of questions you should never ask….and some are a bit worse than others, depending on the personality (and the psychic self esteem) of the intuitive you’re talking to.

Some of the “no – no’s” you shouldn’t ask?

  • Confrontational Questions: As in….”why have you never won the lottery?” Stuff like this is silly, and will usually anger your reader, and not enlighten you. (and we’ve answered this in many other articles)
  • Spells, Curses and Taboo’s: Don’t ask if your reader can cast a spell, cast a magic curse or do any other exotic exercise in nefarious nonsense..:-) Most psychic’s pride themselves on being genuinely AUTHENTIC people, with amazing insights, sensitive and well practiced “powers”. But they don’t see themselves as Witchcraft devotee’s, or already willing to bring havoc into another’s life at your command.
  • Don’t Ask if He or She is a Witch! Another no-no….MOST psychics practice the same mainstream religious beliefs as you and I, with a “slightly” higher predisposition for natural earth energy religious beliefs like Wicca, but unless they VOLUNTEER their religious affiliation, it’s not polite to trade into the conversation by asking!

But the #1 Question NEVER to ask a Psychic?

Don’t ask when you’re going to DIE! It’s not a good question….and it’s not going to get a good answer! It makes everyone uncomfortable, including the intuitive, and I’ve never known ONE authentic reader who will answer this honestly.

(already if they see something bad happening to you…they will WARN you what to avoid, but they certainly won’t tell you the end is near!)

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