What Are Some Electric Pest Control Products That truly Work?

There are quite a few electric pest control products that are advertised today, but many of them don’t truly work too well. Many fail to live up to the expectations that many have for them. So which of these electronic pest products work?

Motion activated sprinklers work very well. These are sprinklers that are attached to a hose run on a small battery that only turns on when something trips the sensor. If an animal comes near the sprinkler, it will turn on and spray water. What’s nice about this is that it either gets the animal wet or makes enough noise to scare them. This is a good kind of yard product because it will work on a wide variety of animals. If looking for a product that works on many different animals, sprinklers work better than the noise repellents devices.

Electric rodent traps work well. Traditional traps and sticky glue traps will work against rodents but they also high a high failure rate. Rodent traps work because they will literally trap and kill the pest quickly as opposed to over minutes making them more humane. These work much better than the popular ultrasonic devices that don’t work quite in addition as one would expect. It’s not that the non-electric traps do not work, but the electric models work better.

One thing to avoid if possible is pest control products that require a strength cord. Battery operated devices work much better as they can be put anywhere especially the places where the pests are where outlets aren’t obtainable.

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