What Is Google Panda?

With the amount of information that is obtainable on the internet these days, it becomes very difficult for search engines to segregate quality content from the duplicate and rehashed content. Looking at it from the users point of view, it can be very frustrating to find bad and irrelevant content in search results. This is where Google Panda has a role to play.

Google Panda is a change in the algorithm of Google. This was introduced to remove all the junk content from Googles search results. Panda segregates content and ranks good quality content higher in the search results and pushes down low quality content. Low quality content can have a negative impact on the complete website, thanks to Google Panda. As a consequence, website owners can no longer use low quality content and call it SEO content.

Google Panda was launched in February 2011 and was made open to the world in April 2011. In March 2012, Google also additional a penalty for over-optimization as a part of the Panda algorithm.

The Effect of Google Panda

One of the biggest effects of Panda was that all the websites who used content from other supplies saw a drastic fall in their rankings. All the websites which had lots of pages with almost the same content (with a few differences like cities, states or countries) were taken off the search results. All the sites with high quality content saw a rise in their rankings.

Google Panda has not replaced any of the past algorithms. It is just an addition to the Google algorithm along with the other 200 strange factors that are already there. However, Panda has a greater impact on a websites search engine performance as compared to the other algorithms.

How does Panda Work?

The algorithm of a search engine is like a math formula which takes into consideration a number of parameters before deciding which URL to rank higher in the search engine results. However, the main concern of the algorithm is the person who enters the search query. The search engines strive to provide results that meet the requirements of the person who is doing the search. These algorithms do not promote or demote a website. Sine their main focus is the user, any change that is made to the algorithm is with the intention of providing the user with quality search results. The quality of the website that is there in the search rankings is determined by using high level language and artificial intelligence by Google Panda. Some of the features that play an important role in calculating the quality of a site are design, speed and trustworthiness.

Google Panda and SEO

How can one make their website SEO friendly and nevertheless do well with Panda? You will not have to do anything new if you make sure that the content of your website is quality content that is different from the rest of the sites that are around. Many white hat SEO companies always stress on the importance of high quality content and its importance to the growth of the site.

If your site has seen a dip in rankings due to Panda, there are certain things that you may do to enhance these rankings. These are:

· Make your audience your focus

· Do not keep duplicate content on your site

· Do not spam

· Keep only high quality content on your site

· include your audience

Many low quality SEO companies and writes may not be able to survive in the market thanks to Google Panda. The main focus of this is to give importance to quality than cost. The sites that will give importance to content that is well researched and liked by visitors will appear winners. To win in the age of Google Panda, you need to partner a good internet marketing sets company that will ensure your brand grows online, ethically and sustainably.

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