What Is the Connection Between Leukemia and Cord Blood Treatments?

What Is the Connection Between Leukemia and Cord Blood Treatments?

Leukemia is a kind of cancer that begins from those tissues in the body that form blood. It is basically the cancer of the blood and marrow, and leads to a reduction of white blood cells in the body.

The treatment that has to be provided for leukemia should be such, that it would increase the amount of White Blood cells in the blood stream. For people who are experiencing form leukemia, the great news is that is can be provided effective treatment with the help of cord blood.

Cord blood is blood that is obtained from the umbilical cord at the birth of an infant. This blood remains in the placenta and the umbilical cord that is left unattached just when the baby is born.

Cord blood is known as a source of stem cells, as they are present in it in great number. Stem cells are basically obtained from an embryo, which may be a concern for some people regarding ethics. However, it does help in providing a great solution to the disorder, leukemia.

The ability of stem cells is to change and transform into any other cell or tissue in order to cure and repair the damaged ones. This is one reason why it can be used to cure leukemia.

the time of action by which cord blood is used to cure leukemia takes place when this blood is obtained from a mother who has just given birth. The person who is experiencing from leukemia is then given a high measure of chemotherapy, and the stem cells start carrying out their function of replacing the damaged cells.

The real treatment takes place when the patient is infused with stem cells, which start producing white blood cells in order to make the amount of white blood cells reach the normal number. consequently, cord blood obtained at birth can be stored to be used whenever required.

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