Why the Rise in Freelance Careers?

Why the Rise in Freelance Careers?

You wouldnt believe the statistics of people opting to let go of their traditional careers and change to doing freelance work. Why not? Doing freelance work gives you the liberty of flexibility and the ability to create a work ecosystem that is fit for your lifestyle – whether youre a man, woman, father, single father, mother, single mother or a student.

already in the business industry, we are seeing an unheard of shift on how companies function around the world. Its becoming more permissible and already more attractive for many businesses to hire freelancers consequently, providing a better opportunity for people with valuable skills.

People with traditional careers can smoothly change to doing freelance work on the side and ultimately cultivate that into a more sustainable self-employed career.

One of the biggest advantages of working independently as a freelancer is the ability to choose for yourself. Being able to excursion to your own career path, without any restrictions. The freedom to choose clients and projects, location and the opportunity to earn more. These options provide people who chooses freelance work more peace of mind. Knowing that you have a lot of options to be able to deliver efficiently and effectively.

The list goes on when it comes to the number of reasons why businesses are opting to hire freelancers in addition: less tax, healthcare, office space and other employee-related expenditures. Hiring freelance writers, designers, marketers, virtual assistants and developers can help grow businesses without having to invest a lot.

A recent study by the University of Phoenix shows the statistics of adults under the age of 30 who already own their business is around 60% of 1600, and 40% are wanting to in the nearest future.

Choosing to start a freelance career is one of the most realistic, possible and attainable jobs that you can start today; whether its a side business as you keep your day job or a complete-time job.

As an adult, our responsibilities enlarge just like our bills and daily expenses. already the chasing our dreams can cost us a lot of money. Getting ourselves established as an entrepreneur can not only provide us with a stable income, it can also give us a sense of security.

So how does one, in spite of of our age bracket, start doing freelance work and become a successful self-employed entrepreneur?

Watch out for my next article on Where, When and How to Start a Freelance Career

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