Wireless Electricity Monitoring and Control System With Monitoring Function of a Home Solar Plant

Wireless Electricity Monitoring and Control System With Monitoring Function of a Home Solar Plant

A home electricity energy monitor is an easy way to see how much electricity you’re consuming – as you use it – and what it costs. It provides prompt, functional feedback on electrical energy consumption. Some devices may also characterize cost of energy used, and estimates of greenhouse CO2 emissions in real time. It is also known as a “real time characterize”. People who adopt home energy monitors tend to find that their energy usage drops by between 5 percent and 15 percent in the first year of using them. Various studies have shown such a reduction in home energy consumption.

A wireless smart electricity monitor is a device used to monitor electricity consumption, adopting the wireless technology. In a typical wireless electricity monitor configuration, a unit that measures energy output is connected to the electricity meter in a home meter box, and that unit transmits information about energy consumption wirelessly to a characterize unit. The characterize unit shows the amount of strength being used, the cost of the strength and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the electricity being consumed. Some units also characterize other information such as ambient temperature and humidity.

Wireless electricity monitors are easier to use than wired electricity monitors because they allow users to place the characterize unit anywhere in their homes. This way, users can frequently check the amount of energy being used without having to walk to a meter or run wires by their homes. Wireless electricity monitors are usually battery-operated, though some units have direct current (DC) adapters that permit them to be plugged into wall strength.

Most people who use a wireless electricity monitor do so to reduce energy consumption. Having a continued visual reminder of how much energy is being used at any given time, how much the energy costs and how much of an effect the energy use has on the ecosystem can help people stay mindful of their energy use and remind them to turn off appliances when they aren’t using them. The monitors can also be used to figure out how much energy particular machines and appliances are consuming so users can determine how they can best reduce their energy use.

Sometimes, a wireless electricity monitor only shows how much energy is currently being used, but many wireless electricity monitors also store usage data and permit users to review their daily, weekly and monthly energy use. This tracking ability can help users review how they’re using electricity, stay motivated to continue using less electricity and develop strategies for reducing consumption. A wireless electricity monitor is not very expensive, and many users say they recoup the cost of the monitor in just a month or two by using less energy.

Some wireless electricity monitors also have the ability to connect to a personal computer. The transmitter unit can stream energy usage data to a device connected to the computer, usually by a universal serial bus (USB) port. Computer software that comes with the data receiver typically enables detailed electricity tracking and reporting.

More and more homeowners in the world have installed solar strength system or wind micro generator in their homes to generate clean strength, reduce the electricity consumption cost and protect the ecosystem in addition. Photovoltaic Solar strength is, in it’s simplest definition, the energy produced by converting solar energy into electricity using photovoltaic solar cells. Solar strength cells are made out of materials known as semiconductors, usually silicon. A semiconductor has the similarities of an insulator, but when exposed to light or heat is capable of conducting electricity.

The electricity energy monitoring and control system with home solar plant monitoring function works 2-way and is developed specially for households installed with home solar plant, providing a good solution for the home owners to monitor both the home electricity consumed in total and the energy produced by solar. Meanwhile, the system displays the balance between the consumption and production to the family members and provide wireless far away control of home electrical appliances when the family members want to respond to unsatisfactory balance data.

How the system works?

The clamp of one strength transmitter is attached to the cable from your electricity meter. The current is then measured and transmitted wirelessly to a monitor with characterize screen that you can keep anywhere in your house. The clamp of the other strength transmitter is attached to the cable from the solar strength plant to measure its provide. In this case, the data for the consumption and solar production is attained respectively and the comparison is possible.

When the home electricity consumption is higher than the electricity production of home solar system or wind micro generator, the controller of the electricity control system provides an alarm warning, reminding the family members to act to reduce the strength consumption.

The LCD screen of the controller characterize home strength consumption data, production output by home solar system, balance data, cost data, history data. It also shows time and date.

The system supports up to 12pcs sensor plug sockets, that method it can wirelessly monitor and control up to twelve connected electrical appliances.

With this system, you can keep track of how your solar system is performing, how much money you are saving in electricity costs, and how much your system is benefiting the ecosystem.

The wireless electricity monitoring and control system with Home Solar Plant monitoring function is consisted by 1pc controller with strength adapter, 2pcs transmitters with sensor clamp, A number of sensor plug sockets and 1pc RJ45-USB data cable to provide computer link

* The controller receives data from the transmitters and sensor plug sockets, displays the real time and history information on its LCD screen and sends powering on/off instruction to the sensor plug sockets.

* 1pc of transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity output of the solar home plant, the other transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity consumption of the whole home.

* The sensor plug sockets detect the electricity consumption of connected electrical appliances. The sockets detect the energy consumption data and send it to the controller. The sockets can be controlled remotely and wirelessly by the controller to switch on/off the connected electrical appliances. One system can sustain up to 12pcs sensor sockets.

* The RJ45-USB data cable (obtainable with software) serves to provide connection between the controller and the computer so that the user can view the real time data, the history data from the computer or remotely switch on/off electrical appliances.

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