Yoga Siddhis Astral Projection – What You Need to Know Right Now

Yoga Siddhis Astral Projection – What You Need to Know Right Now

One of the most powerful aspects of studying the great expanses of human consciousness is the incredible similarities reported by so many different peoples across many continents, cultures and already centuries! In the Buddhist and Hindu cultures, they have claimed many centuries about the astral projection occurrences, and have well proven references to yogic siddhis or other magical, mysterious creatures that are to be encountered in these astral realms. While many devotees of eastern philosophies have interpreted these characters as simple metaphors or symbolic inner states in the meditative mind, quite a few others speak to the veracity of these being actual entities that the projected consciousness will indeed both interact, and need to understand to move up in the astral realms.

Where this becomes interesting for me is the incredible similarity these very same creatures have to those reported by modern day astral projection devotees. The famed mystic Robert Bruce talks in great detail in his most recent books of “astral wildlife” and other real creatures that we need to be aware of in these realms – instead of simple metaphoric imaginary figments of the projecting mind. Robert Monroe, arguably the forefather of the modern out of body experience in popular culture, also spoke on the incredible beings he met, interacted with and learned from during his magnificently detailed experiences in the higher dimensions.

The skeptic needs to ask themselves, are these richly detailed, and incredibly similar stories spanning literally thousands of years simple human archetypes buried somewhere thorough in the human psyche, or are they indeed real entities that real people are having exceptional experiences with in their astral travels?

I say – why not make up your OWN mind…and the only way to do it is to experience it for yourself. Everything else is just “noise” in the astral background…

And it is, I dare say, just about the most exciting ride you can take…opening a little window into that great, great, magical mystery that awaits us all!

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