Youngsters in Drug Addiction

It is an obvious matter that the superfluous desires of youngsters are never ending. The effects of latest entertaining gadgets and fact are more on them. Entertainment has already been a synonym to the youngsters. In search of pursuing entertainment, some goes beyond the limit and starts to misuse the pros of drug stating a false concept of achieving so called worldly pleasures.

The rate of teenagers, taking drugs in a habitual manner has increased tremendously. Drug addiction has already built a strong foundation and so the number of addicts are increasing, which is a pathetic fact. Those addicts when dive into the deleterious drug addiction get castigated for their aberrant behaviors in the society.

Cause of drug addiction is no more an unfamiliar matter. Every people know it well. The only thing is our ignorance. We know that the peer pressure, family’s background, curiousness and frustrations are some leading causes. What I don’t understand is that the youngsters, besides the addicts, do have such pressures and frustrations but they are seen tackling it very well, then why the addicts can’t do so? Why are they very ignorant about life and their priorities? It might be a hard deal to renounce addiction at once, but they should give themselves a try at the minimum.

HIV/AIDS, crimes, conflicts, and health problems are some aftermaths of consuming drugs like LSD, cocaine, coca, heroin and morphine. The addicts are seen refusing to abdicate drug addiction already after knowing the outcomes of drug addiction they should confront in future. Rules and regulations implemented to control the addiction have resulted nothing great improvement but just sadness. Condition is exacerbating day by day. already the work of rehabilitation centers is not fully successful in dragging the addicts out of the addiction. Most of the addicts after leaving those centers are seen involving in drug addiction again. Desultory and empty minded addicts are seen pilfering to position for further doses. This condition is a matter of diffident for NGOS and INGOS working for control of drug addiction. The efficacy of the function conducted by those organizations is nevertheless not on the target as the numbers of addicts are increasing fiercely.

The teenagers should be provided with the information about the sensitive youth period and its best possible utilization for the bright career ahead. Also an adage ‘Be a hero. Say NO to drugs’ should be regulated among youngsters in an encouraging and convincing manner in order to counteract the problem. If this cannot be done, then there will be no meaning of just celebrating 27 June as International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. So an immediate response to this ever increasing problem is a must.

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